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Feb. 27, 2022

The Intuitive Summit

The Intuitive Summit

In this episode you will:

Hear from the publishers that are putting on the Virtual Summit in March. We cover what it means to be intuitive, how the summit came to be, and how to tap into your intuitive side.

Link to register for the free summit below!

Brigid HolderProfile Photo

Brigid Holder


As a two time best selling author, Brigid was keen to understand the world of publishing more and to allow the opportunity to more women in this world!

Feeling the benefits of writing, sharing and publishing her own stories, Brigid was keen to expand this and so founded The Art of Grace Publishing House.

A successful business-woman in the traditional world, Brigid spent about 7 years searching for her passion and when she began publishing it was like the heavens opened and the world was right again!

Bringing together women into a safe space, a container for them to express themselves and holding them as they launched their work into the world is Brigid’s zone of genius!

Brigid is the leader of the organization and sees the power in collaboration, community and raising the voices of other women to change the world.

You can see her often interviewing and championing other women on her Facebook profile.

Krystal HilleProfile Photo

Krystal Hille


With 30 years’ experience in leadership, I am an international workshop facilitator and speaker, embodiment teacher and visionary, immersed in personal and spiritual development. I enable conscious entrepreneurs like you to embody your soul essence, realise your visions and have your voice be heard to increase your impact, influence and bottom line.

My mission and that of Hille House Publishing is to work with conscious entrepreneurs so that together, we can awaken and empower humanity into deeper connection and sovereignty.