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April 11, 2022

Spiritual Curiosity

Spiritual Curiosity
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This episode is with Sabrina Pierotti. She is a fellow podcaster and voice over actor. We talk about her gravitation to being spiritually curious and what has happened as a result of it. There is also the mention of her spiritual teachers that were a big influence of where she is today. The three main points that are talked about are:

  1. What does it mean to be spiritually curious?
  2. Finding your catalyst that creates change.
  3. The choice is always yours...

Sabrina's Podcast Cultivating Spiritual Curiosity

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Michael Singer: The Untethered Soul

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Sabrina PierottiProfile Photo

Sabrina Pierotti

Podcast Host + Voiceover Actor

Sabrina is the host of the Cultivating Spiritual Curiosity podcast, a show dedicated to our spiritual evolution! In addition to being passionate about podcasting, Sabrina works as a professionally trained voiceover actor for commercials, video narrations and so much more! Things that bring Sabrina joy are walks in nature, playtime with her pug, traveling with her fiancé soon to be husband, and eating really good food!