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Jan. 28, 2022

Legacy, Impact, Do The Work

Legacy, Impact, Do The Work

This episode is an interview with C. L. King, Impact Speaker and Host of the Impacting Life 24/7 Podcast


  • What is the difference between motivation and impact?
  • How can we be the most effective to those around us
  • Lessons learned through childhood and education
  • Being a foster kid and how that impacted C.L.'s life
  • What it means to do the work and make a difference

Join me for this uplifting episode where we talk about how life's challenges have the opportunity to challenge us and make us stronger or we can remain day to day, as the victim. This powerful conversation offers a glimpse of suffering to power and overcoming the odds.


C. L. KingProfile Photo

C. L. King

After experiencing abuse, neglect and homelessness as a young child CL was placed in group homes and foster homes throughout Northeast Ohio. His foster Mom Ruth E. Plowden told him that he could take all of the tragedies he experienced as a child and use them to make excuses...or use them to change the world! After an honorable tour in the the United States Marine Crops, CL, his wife and 6 of his 7 children settled in Eastern North Carolina. Students around the world have benefited from his story and his passionate dynamic delivery is why administrators continue to request his events throughout the entire school year. Over 300,000 students later, C. L. King has distinguished himself as one of North America's most life-changing speakers. The one thing that every audience leaves with matter the obstacle, you still can make it!