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Allison Finley

Energy healer and teacher, medium, spiritual coach, and RN

Hey, I’m Allison 🤍
I’m basically a magical angel fairy spirit guide who likes to sexy dance around the quantum space and play in all the energy things 🤍

I’m a natural intuitive, healer, medium, coach, Registered Nurse, and energy work teacher.

And I help people develope their spiritual gifts and transform their lives with energy tools.

My intention is to show you how to take spiritual tools and apply them to your real life in a practical way…

To merge the mystical with the physical…

And to empower you to become your own healer…

You are SO powerful my friend!

And I believe we came here to expand our consciousness and LIVE IN THE MAGIC 🪄

So if that’s your heart’s desire too, join me!

Let’s play in all the quantum magic and co-create together ✨

Sou(ly) In Charge
Jan. 30, 2022

Sou(ly) In Charge

In this episode I am talking with Allison Finley. She is a spiritual coach and host of the podcast Energetic Sovereignty. Topics covered in the show: Being in alignment with your soul's purpose Your soul path will unfold when...

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